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On this episode of Celluloid Zeroes, brother Jimmy and I discuss the 1988 non-classic Action Jackson starring Carl Weathers in the title role of Detective Lt. Jericho “Action” Jackson. Rounding out the cast are Craig T. Nelson playing the antagonist Peter Dellaplane, whose Poltergeist money must have run out, Vanity as the love interest Sydney, who was likely using the proceeds of this film to fuel a crack habit, and Sharon Stone, whose exposed rear end in one scene was clearly shot to put other rears in theatre seats.

This movie is really one of the last of its kind. By 1988, hair metal had just peaked and was about to give way to grunge and the fast-paced unbelievable action movie was about to step aside for the rise of the romantic comedy (too bad they couldn’t make When Harry Shot Sally).

While fun to watch, Action Jackson has more plot holes than the English countryside in World War II. It does, however, embrace some 80’s tropes that pay homage to the genre including over the top henchmen, martial arts, one-liners, and gratuitous nudity—all which combine to make this watchable today on a nostalgic level.

This movie may not be a masterpiece, but it certainly spurred a lot of discussion and we hope you enjoy our take on Action Jackson.