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When asked about the movie Yellowbeard, John Cleese said that it was one of the six worst movies ever made. His co-star, and fellow Monty Python Alum, Eric Idle commented that it was one of the worst films he ever made. With those endorsements from the film’s stars you know you have a certified Celluloid Zero on your hands, and Yellowbeard is just that.

Jim and I first saw this move in the summer of 1983 and, looking back, our parents should have received a visit from child protective services for letting us see it. Watching this film as an adult, though, spurred some interesting and sometimes cranky-old-manish conversations around “kids these days” and why certain movies are more appealing to men than women. We also discuss why things that look good on paper, such as an all star cast of comedic geniuses, sometimes don’t play out when they come together like some comedic Voltron.

This really is a movie that doesn’t age well, particularly in the #MeToo era, what with all the rape jokes and all. What does age well, however, is Mike’s audiobook All the F*cks I Cannot Give, narrated by the Adam Carolla Show’s announcer Mike Dawson. It is available for purchase on Audible and Amazon. Happy Listening.