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The year was 1984, Jim and I were ten years old, and our father took us to the movies to see City Heat. The two of us remember this movie as a comedic masterpiece, but 36 years later we are questioning our sanity. Set towards the end of prohibition, the action takes place in Kansas City and stars two of the most well known actors of the day; Burt Reynolds and Clint Eastwood. While the movie has some great one-liners from Eastwood, they aren’t enough to keep this from becoming a certified Celluloid Zero.

While there’s not much to discuss plot wise, Jim and I do take a walk down memory late and reminisce on seeing highly inappropriate movies with our father Don as well as his penchant for saving a buck by always buying snacks at the convenience store across the street from the movie theatre and always asking for the kid rate when buying us tickets (even after we were shaving regularly).

Happy listening!