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This movie came out in 1979 and captures that time period in New York with fang like sharpness. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but unlike many of the other movies we’ve discussed on this podcast, this one does not smell like the Volga river at low tide. 

Yes this is a comedy but as we uncover it is so much more. It is about a middle aged man, er vampire, seeking relevance. It’s about a woman learning to embrace commitment. And it’s about a psychiatrist looking for, well we really aren’t sure what he’s looking for. But he gets paid at the end so winds up happy.

Jim does not disappoint, going on a tangent about how today’s culture is intent on defanging the vampires, strapping Invisalign on them, and taking away any appeal that an alpha male has. Yes, in Jim’s mind there’s a war on masculinity and it’s always fun to hear him rant about it.

Sitting third chair in today’s episode is the ever so insightful Jack Campisi, co-host of the popular podcasts Monster Men and Final Guys. Jack was fun to have on and we hope he joins us more often.

So sit back, relax, give yourself a generous pour of some Type O Negative and enjoy our take on Love at First Bite.