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After a brief hiatus between seasons, I’m happy to report that Uncorking a Story is back for its 5th season. Our first episode features a great conversation I had with Heather Frimmer whose second novel, Better to Trust, will be released on Tuesday, September 21st. 

As a young woman, Heather was a bookworm who used to write short stories for her own entertainment; however, she didn’t write her first novel until after realizing that there was a void in her life that wasn’t being fulfilled in her career as a radiologist. After taking a class on creative writing and hearing some strong words of encouragement from an instructor at the Westport Writer’s Workshop, Heather penned her first novel, Bedside Manners, which went on to receive numerous awards as well as high praise from breast cancer survivors.

We discussed how being an avid reader is an important ingredient to being a successful author as well as the role curiosity plays in the creative process. We end with some words of advice that Heather offers her younger self around being careful not to suffer from imposter syndrome—and to learn more about that, you’ll have to tune in!