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Jim was always a bigger fan of martial arts movies and he lets his fanboyness shine through as we discuss the 1986 less than masterpiece No Retreat, No Surrender. The actors and director certainly took the title to heart as non of them retreated or surrendered from this movie, even though they should have.

In a Celluloid Zeroes first, Jim walks us through the synopsis of this film (in great detail) and you can hear the passion in his voice build as he does so, all the while you can tell a rant is building—and he does not disappoint!

But we are not movie critics; we use these films as springboards into bigger discussions and this week’s include how to deal with bullies, the absence of heroes in modern culture, and why training in the martial arts is good for the mind, body, and soul (and very well may help save humanity from victim culture).

Stay with it till the end to hear Mike and Jim riff on something they call The Woke Dojo.

This episode of Celluloid Zeroes is brought to you by Mike Carlon’s book Slippery People, where protagonist Greg James neither retreats nor does he surrender from the dangers an obsessed would-be pop star poses to his life.