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When Mike and Jim saw this movie in 1979 we thought it was one of the coolest things ever. There were spaceships, robots, lasers and giant red meteors! Oh, and this whirlpool looking black hole that meant almost certain death to anything that got sucked into it. Seeing this movie through adult eyes, however, led to a newfound appreciation of it.

Jim immediately takes us to a dark place because, well, he’s Jim and needs to tout his intimate knowledge of personality disorders whenever he can. Mike explores the biblical themes of the story and, somehow, they both draw a parallel between The Black Hole and the massacre that happened in Jonestown just a year before this movie’s release. Critics panned this movie, but we loved it and still love it! 

We are pretty sure no one has ever looked at The Black Hole through such a critical eye before but there’s a first time for everything.  If you can set aside all of the scientific inaccuracies and suspend disbelief for 90 minutes, you just might like it too.

This episode is sponsored by Mike Carlon’s novel Motel California which can be purchased in ebook or paperback format wherever books are sold online. Enjoy the show.